The Grammers formed in 1999 when members Jussi Vuola on drums, Hannu Vainionpää on vocals and Hannu Huitu on guitars came together from different local bands. Soon after the band they recruited Ville Vesalainen on the lead guitar and Saku Kujala as the bass player. The band rehearsed relentlessly from humble beginnings in an old farmhouse in Säkylä. From there they began booking gigs and as a result became tighter than ever and well respected in the local scene for having strong original material and performing energetic shows.

In 2000 the very rare EP “High Machine Experience” was released. Touring began in support and The Grammers gained nationwide popularity in Finland’s underground music scene. This led to the 2001 EP release “Not Enough Feeling.”

In 2002 “Not Enough Feeling” got the attention of the organizers of the Finland Rock Championships which was the most popular band competition in Finland at the time. The Grammers entered and eventually won the competition taking first place.  After the victory  came national television appearances, magazine press and eventually getting the notice and opportunity to work with Hannu Leiden of Havana Black.

Leiden produced, recorded and mixed the EP “Ashtrash” which led to the signing with Wolfgang Records.  This deal would see the release of the band’s first two full albums, self -titled “The Grammers” and “Money and Glory”. The song “Come around” from “Money and Glory” became a hit in Finland and received much national radio airplay. The band’s fan base grew and so did the size of the venues they booked.

After touring in support of the first two albums came to an end in 2006 the band retreated back to the farmhouse in Säkylä. Their commitment to Wolfgang Records was done and the band began to think about the direction they wanted to go.

The Grammers spent the next two years rehearsing and writing material until in 2008 when they had self- recorded what was to be the next album “Only Hard is Hard Enough”. The recordings showed the growth of the band as it had matured. It is clear to anyone who hears this album the musicianship of the band had matured and grown by leaps and bounds. This can be heard in singer HannuVainionpaa’s new sound and range as well as the cleaner and more concentrated sound of the dual guitar attack and the bass and drums rhythm section now bringing it all together for a newer tighter more melodic sound.

The Grammers got signed by Hype Records and “Only Hard is Hard Enough” was released. Other bands in the Hype Records family at the time were Negative, Doom Unit, Poisonblack and Battle Beast which were all heavy hitters in Finnish and international music scenes.

Support from the Hype Records signing saw the band release the video for “No Redeemer”  and the song  received favorable reviews and radio airplay which made touring for the record very successful.

2009 saw The Grammers feeling very positive about their recent success with the new label support. Touring had grown and expanded. This pushed The Grammers to recruit keyboardist Tuomo Von Pfaler. The resulting change in the band’s sound was so distinct and the members so proud that the next album would be named “MK3” to indicate the change and addition of a new brother to the fold.

“MK3” was released in 2009 under Hype Records who strongly supported the new record and sound. The single “Another Lick Another Line” was released to more rave reviews and became an instant classic for the band. The success of “MK3” saw the band getting their music played on MTV3 as well as being picked up to open shows for Sebastian Bach formerly of Skid Row. The Grammers were now firmly established in the Finnish music scene as a real top notch and respected rock act.

Soon after touring had finished for “MK3” the sad news arrived that Hype Records had shut down. Not willing to let this deter them The Grammers dug their heels in and pushed back at the system, the corporate music business, which had continued to fail them.

In 2010 The Grammers again returned to their roots. Rather than rely on a faceless entity for support to record and release their next album drummer Jussi Vuola, using his skills learned through the years and with contact already made by The Grammers in the industry, formed V.R. Label. Hannu Leiden was once again hired to produce the next album and through V.R. Label “Electra Magic” was released.

“Electra Magic” was a giant release. The songwriting again improved. Production was top notch and the album gained very positive reviews from fans and critics alike. The epic 15 track album immediately charted in Finland’s top 40 album charts upon release. It was full of strong classics such as the thought provoking song “Silver of Zion”, the dance groove of “Million” and the mind blowing “16 Years”. All of which videos were released for.

The song “16 Years” became a big live hit and received lots of radio play in Finland. The band once again hit the road and toured throughout 2011 and 2012 in support of the new album and singles release. During the tour The Grammers played a concert at Tall Ships Regatta. From this the band made the live concert video “Live at Tall Ships Regatta”. Rather than charge fans for a dvd release they decided to give back to the fans. The concert was released on Youtube for all to see free of charge. The Grammers never forget the fans.

In 2014 the band decided it was time for another record. To once again re-invent themselves and bring about a new sound they brought in producer Severi Peura; a young and very talented producer who had no hard rock background. The band`s aim was to refresh it`s sound and find a different approach and that is what they got. The result was 2015’s “Journey”. The album was released under V.R. Label and again the band found their album on the Finland top 40 album charts.

The record “Journey” breathed new life into the band and they released videos for the singles “Journey”, U.S. of A.” and “Hey Mama”. The touring and business of video releases kept the band busy into 2016 when The Grammers finally took a break to write and regroup.

Unbeknownst to the Grammers their release “Journey” had gotten the attention of listeners in America and the record found its way to a new management company BigC Management. BigC Management was so impressed with the hard work and talent of the band that a deal was struck between the two to work on a grass roots effort to get the band a tour in the USA and new records to be released with support in that side of the pond. Currently work is being done to see this through. The future will tell where this leads and hopes are high that this will be a successful venture.

The Grammers have just announced to further grow and be creative and fresh that for the new album, planned for release in October 2017, a seventh member will be added to the band to bring in new sounds and styles.

Stay tuned!